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  Condon Cove - New Work
(Coming Soon)
High Water Studio, Matinicus Island - July-August, 2015

“Condon Cove - New Work” marks a return to paintings of cobblestones that might be found on any of several wondrous Matinicus Island beaches. Cobbles are rounded rocks that make island beaches magical as they roll, rattle, clatter and disappear under wrack and weed with each approaching wave. A cobblestone beach is rarely quiet and is defined by constantly changing patterns of color, shadow and texture. The Condon Cove series began in 2003 and continued until 2011 with works in a variety of media. I returned to the series during the 2014-2015 winter with a focus on smaller paintings in acrylic on board.

All Condon Cove paintings are portraits of individual rocks and shoreline features that only indirectly resemble actual beach stones and coastal geology. Each rock is painted in a spontaneous manner that allows creativity to drive choices, a distinct change from some recent work in which images grew from experience, research and a concern for anatomical accuracy. The series suggests that sometimes nature can be best appreciated if we ignore the tendency to identify, classify, measure, study and analyze everything we discover. The most successful paintings in the series seem to be collections of almost recognizable stones trapped in a complicated, unbalanced and chaotic existence. Some people see these works and seek to discover an overarching structure and organization, while others accept the whole and acknowledge that, as in life, it can be a challenge to determine a clear course, a single point of focus, a clear narrative and a quiet spot to rest the eye.